About Erika

Sooo... Where do I start?

I love food. 
I love people.

I love giving & making people smile.
I love celebrating & organizing celebrations.
This industry is the perfect fit for me.

Conk & Co is named after my late father having the nickname Conk. 
My Dad had the work ethic of none other & if I can be half the human being he was then there is cause for celebration (which I will cater for!)

I have worked within the food & coffee industry for over a decade. Now is the time I take the leap to make my passion a full-time career & create a life I don't need a holiday from.
& lets face it... who needs a holiday from food and celebrations?

I am happy.
I am vibrant.
I am excited, you will see & feel this through my food & presentation.

Thank you for visiting my website & considering my humble local business for your special event x